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Custom T-Pose Scroll
One character only though (click on examples to see the scroll) 
Little Icon thing
I draw either a Pokemon, object show, or furry icon like the example(s)
I draw a ship childz
of two ocs for the price of 10 cents cuz who cares

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My DA Family


Sisters- :iconxxrosiethekittenxx:
Brothers- none
Cousins- :iconaeromore: :iconjrtheanimater123:
Friendly Neighbors- :iconechofluffy:


FREE Strawberry milk Icon by koffeelamFREE Pixel heart by koffeelamHello!FREE Pixel heart by koffeelamFREE Strawberry milk Icon by koffeelam

FREE Bubbles Status Buttons: Requests are OPEN by koffeelamFREE Bubbles Status Buttons: Trades are OPEN by koffeelamFREE Bubbles Status Buttons: Collabs are OPEN by koffeelamFREE Bubbles Status Buttons: Ask me about Gifts by koffeelamFREE Bubbles Status Buttons: Commissions are OPEN by koffeelamFREE Bubbles Status Buttons: I don't do Kiribans by koffeelam

most of these are made by :iconkoffeelam: and :iconkicked-in-teeth: and credit goes to these people, as well.

FREE Strawberry milk Icon by koffeelamalso these are cute FREE Milk icon by koffeelam

also, I'm obsessed with these pixel food icons Strawberry Shortcake by kicked-in-teeth
Choco Bar Divider by kicked-in-teethChoco Bar Divider by kicked-in-teethChoco Bar Divider by kicked-in-teeth

Gifts are accepted as well as points!Thank you for visiting my page!

also button of cancelled comic because w h y n o t ?

also, #StopBanEsu Stamp -F2U- by Memossino

The L.O.R. Chapter Count

1. The Reality of a 'Surprise' The L.O.R. Chapter 1- The Reality of a 'Surprise'P.S. These side notes will be in italics, and when a string of text from a character is in quotes, it means they're thinking in their head.
Today was a normal day, but less normal than any other
it was the day before Autumn's birthday, Dec. 21st
He'd usually forget about his birthday because the 21st would always be jam-packed with surprises, he would forget about it.
But today.... is not a good surprise, but rather the best one! Since shinyleaf is going with him somewhere.... somewhere romantic  
Shinyleaf- Today's the day, the day I meet with Autumn....
Madie- Its gonna be fine! Don't worry, he'll love to be with you *winks sarcastically*
Shinyleaf- Yeah, its all going to go well.....
Madie- Eh, don't be worried! I know this is the first year of you celebrating with us, but its gonna be great!
*??? knocks on the door, loudly*
???- Let me in! I'll leave as quickly as I-
Madie- Okay fine, just shut up please modeling clay, jeez....
*Madie opens doo

2. Happy Death Day The L.O.R. Chapter 2- Happy Death DayP.S This was supposed to come out Dec. 22nd, whoops, also all art here will be in black and white, im very lazy :/

Today was Autumns birthday, the most exciting day ever
Everyone came to Madies house, and sat on the couch thinking about what would happen now.
Shinyleaf stared at a photo of herself and Autumn when they first meet, and wondered how that even got there.
Modeling Clay just stares at shinyleaf with silence, furious
Madie remembers that her and that pokemon trainer are the only humans here, odd
Rose busts the door open, blushing and...... with a camera
Shinyleaf quickly gets startled and nearly slaps herself
Modeling Clay jumps a little bit but gets back into the position she was at
Madie was the most startled, though, and reacts
Madie- What the HELL!? 
Rose- You know....?
Madie- Know what?! You freaking nearly gave me a heart attack-
Rose gets worried and shakes a bit
Rose- I-I.....

3. Cupcakes The L.O.R. Chapter 3- CupcakesP.S. This has a bit of gore, take caution! Also this is not completely related to the MLP creepypasta, Cupcakes
We find the group attempting to bake cupcakes that look like cats, they found the frosting recipe on a universal webpage made by someone named Natsuki, I think.
Modeling Clay- How much milk?
Madie- 2 cups!
Modeling Clay- Okay! Adding it in..
Madie- Alright, I trust you, but this time don't put in too much!
Madie and MC keep on with the cupcake recipe while Shinyleaf is sitting near the kitchen island, reading a book about trees;
Until Shinyleaf heard yelling...
Shinyleaf- *looks up* Wha-
Madie- Why did you put flour on the cook book?!?!?!
MC- I tipped it over by accident you idiot!!
Madie- Stop lying!! You did it on purpose!
*Madie grabs her*
Madie- *gives a serious stare* No ye-
MC grabs and throws a mug at Madie, causing her to bleed and for MC to break free

Madie falls to the

4. Searchin' For Lives The L.O.R. Chapter 4- Searchin' for LivesP.S. Wow, maybe I put in more references this time? Who knows. (probably not)

Ding! The cupcakes were ready, but when offered one, Shinyleaf refused.
Modeling Clay- Why don't you out of all people want one?
Madie- Yeah, thought you liked cupcakes...
Madie's usual happy tone and expression seemed destroyed from the cook book incident, including the right side of her face, obviously.
Shinyleaf- ... I want to go look for Autumn...
MC stayed quiet and looked off, acting like she didn't care about it, but truly did.
Madie- He's dead, Shinyleaf, and that seems final.
Shinyleaf- I don't see him being... d-dead
Madie- ..whatever. Go be disappointed in your little 'search party' plan.
Shinyleaf- Okay, I will then!
Shinyleaf slammed her fists on the table. MC, startled, nearly fell out of her chair, and Madie, not expecting the shy one to have a comeback, just stared with surprise.
Shinyleaf proceeded to get up and walk out the door.
MC- W-What's her deal today?!
Madie- I don't know....

5. Poketransformer


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random free eeveelution things that I used here :3

from :iconmizzi-cat: 's gallery

Free Glaceon Icon by Mizzi-CatFree Eevee Icon by Mizzi-CatFree Espeon Icon by Mizzi-CatFree Umbreon Icon by Mizzi-CatFree Jolteon Icon by Mizzi-CatFree Vaporeon Icon by Mizzi-Cat

From :iconkattling: 's gallery

FREE Bouncy Eevee Icon by KattlingFREE Bouncy Jolteon Icon by KattlingFREE Bouncy Flareon Icon by KattlingFREE Bouncy Espeon Icon by KattlingFREE Bouncy Vaporeon Icon by KattlingFREE Bouncy Umbreon Icon by KattlingFREE Bouncy Sylveon Icon by KattlingFREE Bouncy Leafeon Icon by KattlingFREE Bouncy Glaceon Icon by Kattling

Random Stuff lol

all is by :iconfluffzee: and :iconspectrum-chan: and some of mine :3

Sunrise Drink [F2U] by FluffZeeChocoshake [F2U] by FluffZeeBouncy Toast [FREE-TO-USE] by FluffZee[F2U] Tiramisu Icon by spectrum-chan[F2U] Galaxy Cake Icon by spectrum-chanPink Fries by spectrum-chanIce Cream Icons by madiebelle22


Like my new profile pic 

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2 deviants said ur tagline better though
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Stolen from The-Eevee-Club 

I am __% evil

My evil side: 
( ) You have made a little kid cry. 
( ) You have threatened someone and meant it seriously
( ) You have beat someone up 
( ) You have stolen money from someone 
(x) People have called you a brat
( ) You spend all of your time bossing people around
(x) You have wanted someone/something to die 
( ) You have killed someone
(x) You yell a lot 
(/) You have punched someone (Does myself count? Also don't comment about it)
( ) You have stolen something from the store
( ) You push people around a lot 
( ) You wear a lot of black
( ) You hate the light 
(x) You swear a lot.
( ) You are always breaking the rules 
(x) You have skipped school 
( ) At school you are a bully
(x) You get mad easily 
(x) You have tons of enemies
(x) You barely have any friends
(x) You lie a lot
(x) You hate school/work more than anything 
( ) You pull tons of pranks on people
( ) You think it's funny when people die
(/) You like making people suffer (Only when they deserve it or when it's not that bad, like ending a ship *cough*) 
(/) You love blood (not real blood... just the edgy blood in fanfiction and stuff)
( ) You know how to shoot a gun.
(x) You have called someone stupid
( ) You like horror movies 
(x) You like violent things 
( ) You have attempted to kill someone
( ) You love the sound of screaming
(/) You are happy when people are injured (*interested and only with fictional characters)

Multiply by 4
I am 60% evil okay doki don't arrest me


Oh great I caught a Mesprit in a Pokeball wHAT
So, I caught Kyogre in a Great Ball. (I ran out of Ultra Balls)
And I went to check out how much PP it had left and it had 1.

I guess I'm considered lucky?
I'm bored so anyone wanna roleplay?
Calling all roleplayers, I'm bored.

So roleplay if ya want
Autumnyleaf started as a joke and ended from a joke

Eat by madiebelle22
Well... time for a camp
(also if you said no then okay) 
Since I have been making a lot of Pokemon fusions lately, I decided to make a group- xXPokeFusionsXx
If you're interested, you should check it out.
I just beat Whitneys Miltank 
With a level 21 Quilava and a level 14 Onix 
Rose- Sarah... Earl... I want to talk to you...

I must confess something.

I used to love Lego Ninjago
.....and I was a Zane fangirl
I am repeatedly refreshing the page for at least one notification.

I think I should just say anyone want to roleplay
(Also I nearly dislocated my foot today)
Me when I have lots of notifications- Oh this is gonna take awhile
Me when I have no notifications- Waits patiently 
Ah, finally at a computer.
Let me just go on de-
Holy Jesus by madiebelle22
I'm back lol

That shiny zigzagoon though
2 random encounters shiny zigzagoon with bold nature

I'm perplexed of how this even happened
Nvm my flights being held back due to maintenance troubles
Gonna have to wait another hour
I just boarded my plane so yeah, won't be on for a while.
I have one question..



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